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Mehmet Kütükçüoğlu

Born in Zurich (1967). Graduate of METU Department of Architecture (1989). Master degree from SCI-ARC in Los Angeles (1993). Lectured in SCI-ARC, Middle East Technical University, Yildiz Technical University and Istanbul Technical University. Member of the Board of Directors in Bilgi University Master Degree Programme in Architecture. Have articles about city and architecture in various sectoral publications. Continuing his professional work as a partner of Teget Architecture.

Ertuğ Uçar

Born in Antalya (1971). Graduate of METU Department of Architecture (1993). Master degree: METU Department of Architecture (1999). He contributed to the educational processes either as a lecturer, tutor or as a jury member. Lectured in Yildiz Technical University (2005-06); in Istanbul Technical University (2006-14). Have articles about city and architecture in various sectoral publications. Also a writer of three story books. Continuing his professional work as a partner of Teget Architecture.


Alican Tilkan, Architect
Banu Aktaş, Architect
Begüm Tırpancı, Architect
Cem Ayyıldız, Architect
Çiğdem Nur Turhan, Architect
Deniz Dilan Kara, Architect
Deniz Subaşı, Architect
Devrim Nasmir, Architect
Dide Dinç, Architect
Ece Ünübol, Architect
Ethem Aybar, Architect
İrem Ersoy, Architect
İrem Sümer, Architect
Mehmet Erdönmez, Architect
Mehmet Kaymaz, Architect

Nazlı Ünsal, Architect
Nusret Uşun, Architect
Onur Akın, Architect
Özay Özkan, Architect
Salih Ege Savcı, Architect
Seda Kumru, Architect
Selahaddin Topselvi, Interior Architect
Serdar Albaz, Architect
Sevimnur Çay, Architect
Rumeysa Tıpırdamaz, Architect
Tuberk Altuntaş, Architect

Erkan Dağlı, IT
Filiz Leventoğlu
, Executive Assistant
Sema Şekercioğlu, Accountant


2018 : XVI. National Architecture Awards. YKKS, Building Category Prize

2017 : Architectural Review, New into Old Awards, YKKS, 1. Prize

2014 : Gallipoli Peninsula National Park Competition, Mention Prize

2014 : XIV. National Architecture Awards. Center for Inclusive Education in Konya, Project Category Prize

2013 : Canakkale Antenna Tower International Competition, 1. Mention

2013 : Avanos Bridge National Architectural Design Competition, 3rd Prize

2010 : Izmir Opera House Competition, 1. Prize

2010 : XII. National Architecture Exhibition and Awards: YKB Academy, Building Category Achievement Award

2009 : Archdaily Building of the Year Award: YKB Academy, Best Education Building

2009 : Telekom ARGE Complex Project Competition, 2. Prize

2007 : Istanbul Bar Building Competition, 1. Prize

2007 : Tupras Social Facilities: Invited Competition, 3. Prize

2005 : Profilo Shopping Center Schlotzsky’s Deli Restoran, The Best display window Prize

2005 : Istanbul Naval Museum, 1. Prize

2005 : METU TechnoCity SATGEB Building 2. Prize

2004 : Gaziosmanpaşa City Center Project Competition, 2. Mention

2002 : METU TechnoCity R&D Building, 2. Prize

2001 : İzmir Port District Urban Planning Competition, 3. Mention

2001 : Antalya Demirciler Çarşısı Renewal an Development Project Comp., 3. Prize

2000 : TEPE Young Turkish Architects Exhibition and Awards

1999 : Dalaman International Airport Competition, 7. Prize

1997 : Opel Plaza, Ankara, 1. Prize (Invited Competition)

1996 : National Architecture Exhibition and Awards: Graphic Category Prize

1996 : Bandırma Cin Çukuru City Center Project Competition, 1. Prize

1994 : Antalya EMO, MMO Services Building Competition, 1. Prize

1994 : İzmir Tariş General Office Building Design Competition, 5. Mentionet Architecture.