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Project Description

Çaycuma Külliyesi

Client: Çaycuma Belediyesi
Date: 2018
Location : Çaycuma / Zonguldak

* A külliye is a complex of buildings associated with Ottoman architecture centered on a mosque and and composed of a madrasa, a Dar al-Shifa (“clinic”), kitchens, bakery, Turkish bath, other buildings for various charitable services for the community and further annexes.

Çaycuma Külliyesi refers to the characteristics of historical külliye, in terms of its relation with a city and city’s possible growth, consisting different types of programs but centering on a mosque, having a public garden and authentic landscape, program layout and orientation.

Keeping in mind that the mosque is the fundamental part of the program, formal and functional design principles were decided according to its predominant role. In that sense, wooden structure dating back to the 1200s for Anatolian mosques was re-interpreted at Çaycuma Külliyesi. Relation with the surroundings and users was designed according to the human eye without losing the sense of monumentality of a mosque.  Once the project area was surrounded by continuous wall (programs of the complex) after a setback of green, inner garden was emphasized profoundly. While inner paths, different types of pavements, trees and bushes create an authentic landscape for the garden of the külliye, light and water change the interior atmosphere of mosque.