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Project Description

Center for Inclusive Education

Client: Municipality of Selçuklu/Konya
Date: 2012-2016
Location : Selçuklu/ Konya
Construction Area : 7588 m²

This is a complex for autistic people, their families and the general public. It is a living environment which facilitates learning, producing, exercising, entertaining, sharing and limited accommodation. Therefore there are both indoor and outdoor spaces allocated for education, sports, performance, arts, animals, farming, horse riding, go-cart and supporting areas for food and recreation. The program was laid out so that here the autistic people would find different intensities of interaction; their families –otherwise outcasts in society- would meet and share their experiences, they would find the opportunity to mix with the rest of the citizens sharing a mutual recreational time. The building is open to other parties to be used day or night for occasional events, exhibitions and performances. The only second floor within the complex is an accommodation facility to host and look after autistic people so that their families might use a time off.

The design idea follows up the tradition of mat structures, powerfully exemplified in Çatalhöyük that is in the same geographical region –one of the oldest settlements on earth-. Later adobe villages manifest the continuity of the building culture in the region. All these tightly knitted, horizontally multiplied urban conglomerates provided a relevant source for the proposed program cloud which suggests a semi urban ensemble of indoor and outdoor spaces. Such an allusion is accentuated by the tactility of earth, that is terra cotta, transcended through contemporary technology which brings visual depth to the façade while earning environmental and technical support to the building.

The product of such an approach proposes an urban experience to its visitors and dwellers, that of an alternative social hub not only for the autistic but also for the rest, defying conventional seclusions and demarcations between the sick and the healthy. Just like in a city, here people will find their own enclaves through the labyrinthine network of spaces congruent to their momentary moods; be it depressed, gay, solitary and/or extrovert.