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Project Description

Ford Research and Development Center

Client: Ford Otosan
Date: 2012
Location : Kartal / ─░stanbul

Next to TEM highway, Ford Research and Development Center is located at an area suffering from one of the worst traffic congestion in Istanbul. Due to this physical and sensorial conditions along with the sunlight control and climatization principles, double facade was designed for the center. As the building located parallel to the highway, spacious entrance square welcomes both the users and visitors, creating an alternative social area. R&D Center, being isolated from the world outside, looks into its inner garden / courtyard. While the courtyard is at center of open office, design center and services it also creates an inner facade becoming the main attraction point visually and functionally for those spaces. At one side courtyard transforms into the Atrium, closed and climatically controlled yet high volumed and free space for all users. Atrium is designed as not only collective working and seating area but also a showroom that attracts visitors. While brand new cars are being exhibited at atrium, products of the creative and systematic works with new technologies are being developed at design center, just beneath the atrium.