Istanbul University Cultural History and Archaeology Museum 2018-12-05T11:10:00+03:00

Project Description

Istanbul University

Cultural History and Archaeology Museum

Client: Istanbul University
Team: Onur Akın, Ethem Aybar, Hande Ciğerli, Gökçen Erkılıç, Can Görgün, Begüm Tırpancı, Leman Ecem Tulunay
Date: 2016
Location : Fatih / İstanbul

Istanbul University Cultural History and Archaeology Museum is located at the courtyard of Istanbul University Faculty of Fisheries.  Building site as an existing courtyard surrounded by university buildings was the first step for a different design approach. While the entrance of the museum is from the gate on Ordu Avenue, there is a direct connection to the main gate of the university through courtyard.

Layout of the museum both for function and form is a grid just like an archaeological excavation site. Programme of the museum including laboratory, exhibition space, cafe and museum store, dissolves into the courtyard on this grid which also forms the exhibition walls and cabinets where it ascends.

As the museum is engaged to the Istanbul University Department of Prehistory, main part of the exhibition will be registered collection of department of prehistory and its laboratory. Materials and studies on archaelogy of Turkey of other departments, collections from abroad, earlier boards, measurement and documentation tools and ethnographic materials  will also be part of the exhibition, embracing the cultural and material history.