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Project Description

Izmir Opera House

Client: Izmir Municipality
Date: 2010
Location : Mavişehir/ İzmir
Construction Area : 56.000 m²
Team : Mehmet Kütükçüoğlu, Ertuğ Uçar, Mert Üçer, Onur Akın, Emiliano Bugatti, Caner Bilgin, Deniz Subaşı, Yunus Emre Kara, Eylem Yılmaz, Nazlı Tümerdem, Gökçen Erkılıç, Elena Giugni, Pınar Sönmez, Yiğit Yalgın, Öykü Kocaman

İzmir Opera House, facing the Egean coastline, is located in high rise residential suburban area, Mavişehir. The project aims to re-organize the relations between urban areas and the coast in terms of programmatic and morphological sence. The idea folding urban ground from both sides is to mediate the relation between urban pattern and coast as well as having huge smooth stone surfaces which will create a monolithic impact on urban panorama.

Upper plane covering foyer, auditoriums, backstage and service areas opens up itself as an open-air urban landscape while the coastline landscape extends into the building, turns into main entrance and main foyer as well. Thus, the building is formed by the flows of huge surfaces engaging each other.

During non-exhibition hours, the building can be used as a public space. On the roof landscape, one can enjoy an alternative recreational journey while approaching the infinite view of the bay.

Main foyer is situated at the grade level. It can be used as a bookstore, souvenir shop, bistro, and a ticket booth. It is a public space that is open during the day for all visitors.

‘Back of House’ spaces (ateliers, rehearsal rooms, administrative units) gathers around a courtyard caved in the roof and works as an alternative open air stage which also allows visitors to associate with back of house activities.