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Project Description

Novron Yalıkavak 55

Client: Novron Construction
Date: 2017
Location : Yalıkavak / Muğla

The concept of Ellibes Yalikavak consists of two main types as a result of the tough topography of Geris area. The first type which seems almost as they carved out from the topography or stuck to it, offers a cascading view for each unit, taking the advantage of the terrain. This five of 240m2 units are reached through the mid-level and their inner circulation provides unique vistas. On the upper floor, there are main living spaces and a garden that then joins a terrace –another unit’s roof. Those roofs offer an infinite view towards Geris valley and the bay area. The second type, eight of 65m2 units, positioned to give every each of them their private entrances and gardens. Those two types are divided and connected by an inner road which is also a shortcut between the main road and the beach.