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Project Description

Sille Boutique Hotel

Client: Municipality of Konya-Selçuklu
Date: 2015
Location : Sille/ Konya
Construction Area : 2600 m²

Sille, now a small town near Konya in Central Anatolia was one of the important stops on the historical road connecting Rome to Jerusalem from Byzantine period. It was also an important destination on the Silk and Spice Roads. Today Konya Selçuklu Municipalty works on the town for celebrating this multicultural and multi-religious character of the town and the architectural heritage it preserves.

The main challenge of the project is a discussion of a new building in the old town. The design concept focuses on the remaining atmosphere of the long lived historic town, its urban scapes and architectonical characteristics. One main concern is the topography of deep valleys, and the characteristics of the central anatolian plain. Another is the local Rum houses and their proportional ,materialistic and tectonic qualities that are strong references to the design.

The main aim is to dwell a new building in the historical townscape in a way that tries to merge within the existing tissue through articulation of the masses, the tactile use of materials wood, mortar and stone which integrates the building with the town.