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Project Description

Al Hada Masterplan

Client: Wadi Hanifa
Date: 2014
Location : Riyadh/ Saudi Arabia
Construction Area : 150.000 m²

The property of the compound bears trademark qualities of Riadh landscape and topography composed of plateaus overlooking lush canyons. The main objective of the proposed master plan is to keep the impact of the
construction to a minimum and preserve the natural condition of the topography while making the most of such natural wonder. The overall image recalls a small scale urban fabric, a resort town adorned with a compilation of
archetypes and armatures like bridges, towers, balconies, loggias and belvederes celebrating the landscape at the same time creating a vivid silhouette with vertical and horizontal accents.
The general layout comprises two major parts:
– The Plateau: Reserved for dwelling
– The Wadi: Reserved for amenities
One very important aspect of the plan is to create a pedestrian friendly environment. On the plateau level, there are literally no cars on the surface. The one and only ramp climbing up the cliff is the one already existing today on
the site. It culminates with a tunnel connecting to the underground vehicular gallery meandering parallel to the cliff line serving rest of the compound both as circulation and parking. The vehicular and pedestrian link connecting
either sides of the valley is provided by a single double deck bridge in order to eliminate another ramp bruising the rocky cliffs. The pillars and towers springing from the valley base bear stairs and elevators connecting the
plateau to the wadi. There is a service street all along the perimeter wall, linked to the underground by a number of ramps.