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Project Description

Avanos Wateryard

Client: Avanos Municipality
Date: 2013
Location : Avanos/ Nevşehir
Construction Area : 4400 m²
Team : Mehmet Kütükçüoğlu, Ertuğ Uçar, Tuberk Altuntaş, Onur Akın, Caner Bilgin, Hande Ciğerli, Deniz Subaşı, Mert Velipaşaoğlu, Yiğit Yalgın

Avanos Bridge Competition – 3rd Prize winner

River Kızılırmak flows between Old Avanos which has an organic urban pattern, formed with stone houses and vibrant commercial life and New Avanos which has low rise housing on gridal urban system. The project aims to unite these different parts on the river by a wateryard which generates an equilibrum between both sides. Likewise the ëwateryardí building provides flexible spatiality, acting as a mediator between people and space, provokes cultural, touristic and recreational activities around riverside

The idea behind wateryard is to link facing quays, the old bridge and the new one within a frame integrity. Frame consists of a wooden pathway attached on historic stands of 110 year old stone bridge on eastbound , 7 meters-wide lodges implemented to the proposed new viaduct on westbound and eating facilities on North and South. The frame is articulated from a repetitive, smooth wooden structure and a tile roof above.

From old bridge to viaduct, the project nourishes 550 meter-long recreational esplanade along the riverband, as well as creating a public square around dormitory and municipality building. Existing green field working for sport-related activities retained as background. For the future projection Westside fields designed as parking lots with 150 car capacity in total.