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Project Description

Belek Houses

Client: Novron Construction
Date: 2007
Location : Belek/ Antalya
Construction Area : 4000 m²

The twin units, located in the tourism region of Belek, stretch along south north axis on a ribbon of land of 20 m width. The paradox of opening up the houses to the east, to where the street is, solved by an intermediate space created by the single storey kitchen units, creating a procession of spaces from common to private, folding back onto east –an ideal orientation in the hot climate of Antalya. The conventional logic of twins here is twisted to create a single unit out of two; to create public, semi-public and private domains, at the same time providing slender and horizontal proportions.  Various terraces in and around the houses help granting intricate transitions and harmony outside to inside. The masses  and surfaces are aligned in rythmical syncopes along an infinite line between the forest on the south and the agriculture lands on the north.