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Project Description

İş Bank Cadde

Client: Türkiye İş Bankası Munzam Sandık Vakfı
Project Team: Onur Akın, Ethem Aybar, Hande Ciğerli, Beyza Paksoy, Ece Ünübol
Date: 2018
Location : Kadıköy / Istanbul
Construction Area : 14.235 m²

Since the 1960s, particular character of Bagdat Avenue has been revealing itself both in function and form. Continuous avenue as a one-way traffic running approximately 14 kilometers has wide pedestrian ways with old trees on it. First one or two floors of the buildings on the Bagdat Avenue has been active commercially, as a department store, bank, restaurant or cafe. Yet only front facade of these buildings has contact with the street while buildings itself “block” all the way acting almost like a Great Wall of China.

Project area is different from a standard Bagdat Avenue plot as it is wider on front facade and deeper towards the street behind. İş Bank Cadde consisting two blocks becomes a passage between the avenue and Street behind without damaging the characteristics of Bagdat Avenue. With a different approach to the ongoing urban transformation, top priority of the project was the public use of ground floor and facade. Thus passage as a vertical link to the horizontally overlong avenue and open square in the middle of the project area where linear connection expands become the most essentials elements of the concept.

Front and lower block, on the avenue, is more public having İş Bankası, restaurant, bookstore and cafe at different levels on ground and passage; office at upper levels. While its ground floor is the extension of the passage and has an atelier, second and higher block has a different definition of collective use. With shared inner streets and roof terrace, this block sustains the “collectivity” at upper floors even though being residential.