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Project Description

Topkapı Imperial Kitchens

Client: Topkapı Museum
Date: 2011
Location : Topkapı/ Istanbul
Team : Mehmet Kütükçüoğlu, Ertuğ Uçar, Senem Akçay, Mert Üçer, Tuberk Altuntaş, Yiğit Yalgın

Construction of the Imperial Kitchens of Topkapi Palace first started in the 15th century. Under the rule of Sultan Suleyman, the complex remodeled and brought up to date by the architect Mimar Sinan. An internal street/courtyard with its additional facilities such as dorms, a bath, a mosque were arranged. Today, TEGET has been chosen to design the new exhibition in this important building: the culinary culture of Ottomans in Imperial Kitchens of Topkapi Palace.

Keeping this important historical background in mind, the main attempt was to preserve the space as the building itself is an important exhibition element as well. A grid which works like a topography with its different exhibition elements with different sizes envisioned. This grid was thought as a new structure that stands out from the historical building without touching it. First element of this grid was the platform. Higher from the original floor, this comfortable walking surface also provided a hidden space for technical equipment under it. Produced with the same material of the platform, bases –the hills of the grid topography- located in the grid for exhibition objects. Finally, completely transparent showcases designed to not to intervene the visual continuum between the building and the exhibition objects. This visual continuum was also achieved by ending the platform at some points to show the original floor.