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Project Description

Turkish Embassy in Madrid

Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Date: 2012-2016
Location : Madrid/ Spain
Construction Area : 4130m²
Team : Mehmet Kütükçüoğlu, Ertuğ Uçar, Mert Üçer, Nazlı Balkaya, Mert Velipaşaoğlu, Yiğit Yalgın

Madrid Embassy Project is one of the design-build projects offered by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey. Main structural features of the building refer to the spatial and proportional characteristics of the traditional Turkish house, though it is reinterpreted in an abstract way by modern construction techniques. The building has been formed by 2 different layers. Ground floor is separating the upper floors from the ground with its concrete base, referring the traditional stone base of Anatolian house typology or metaphorically inspired the modernist housing blocks of Europe.

The upper floors have been designed to create the perception of lightness and translucency, resembling the light wooden construction of traditional Anatolian house. This upper section is ambigously providing the inside-outside environment distinction by the perforated layer of façade design. In the entirety of the building, the façade, designed with the combination of wooden and stone material, coalesces with the exposed concrete base.